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Recently we have had an employer contact us to find out if an employee can make a claim for constructive dismissal. So what is constructive dismissal? Constructive dismissal is where an employee terminates their employment in response to their employer’s treatment of them. Although there has been no actual dismissal, the treatment is sufficiently bad that the employee is entitled to regard themselves as having been dismissed. What does the employee have to prove? To
Jacqui Mann. Employee investigation
When an incident occurs in your business sometimes it’s difficult to know if any disciplinary action is required. The first thing you need to do is carrying out an investigation to establish the facts of what happened. Any investigation should be carried out without unreasonable delay. Once you have completed the investigation you will then know if any further disciplinary action is required. First of all you need to establish all the facts surrounding the
Engaging with your employees is one of the secrets to running a successful business. Your staff are your best asset, you have to make sure you take care of them. Here are four simple ideas on how to engage and motivate your staff in your business. 1. Make fun a priority Don’t misunderstand me here. You need balance. You need to make sure fun doesn’t become distracting and detrimental to your business. That said don’t
8 Steps to effective leadership
As you are aware Leadership & Management plays a huge role in the delivery of the business goals. However not everyone understands some of the basics of good leadership so I thought I would share with you 8 steps to effective leadership. 1. Purpose A good purpose will explain the direction the business is going in, motivate employees to take the right action to achieve it, and coordinate the actions of all employees to achieve
Getting your organisational culture right is what leads to creating a great place to work and a high performing environment. This starts with leadership.  But who is a leader? Is it just the business owner? No, anyone in the organisation can be a leader. “We tend to think that what matters is having outstanding leadership at the senior level. But great leadership at the top doesn’t amount to much if you don’t have exceptional leadership