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Jacqui Mann - Employment Contract

When everything is going well at the beginning of the employment relationship it’s great, but when the relationship turns sour that’s when you wish you’d paid more attention to the really boring stuff, like the employment contract. So here are some points for a bullet proof legal employment contract.

The Legal Bits

The legal bits that do need to be included are common sense – or so you would think!

Name & address of


The Invitation

Don’t insist that all staff attend the Christmas party. Christmas is a Christian holiday, so don’t pressure someone to attend if they don’t want to on religious grounds.

Secret Santa

If you ask people to bring a ‘Secret Santa’ gift, make sure they are inoffensive. Things like underwear and sex toys – may spark complaints and could be seen as harassment.

Husbands, wives and life partners

If you’re inviting employee’s partners to


Getting your organisational culture right is what leads to creating a great place to work and a high performing environment. This starts with leadership.  But who is a leader? Is it just the business owner? No, anyone in the organisation can be a leader. “We tend to think that what matters is having outstanding leadership at the senior level. But great leadership at the top doesn’t amount to much if you don’t have exceptional leadership


Since time began we have followed and been led by “Key People of Influence” and quotes that they have lived their lives and run their businesses by. The world’s leading business figures are more prevalent, visible and accessible than ever before, making it easier for you to look for inspirational leadership quotes to adopt within your business and work place culture.

The following quotes are from some of today’s most successful inspirational leaders in the


What actually is TUPE?  And no it’s not a wig…. that’s a toupee. TUPE stands for the ‘Transfer of Undertakings for the Protection of Employment’. Bit of a mouthful, really. All joking aside it’s something you need to be aware of as a business owner if you’re looking to grow your business through acquisitions. Acquisitions can be a quicker way to grow your business.  You may want to acquire