HR Culture
One of the things that I talk about a lot within HR culture is progression. It’s great to have a plan in place for your employees to progress not only for you and your business but also for them. Giving employees aims and incentives such as promotions will always help
HR Services
HR services are not just for businesses who need help when they have problems. This is a common misconception that we come across quite a lot within our industry. Business owners often believe that if they don’t have any problems when it comes to employees then they simply do not
HR Support
The working world is always changing, mostly for the good, however, it can sometimes feel as if our industries are moving faster than we can keep up with. Technology is becoming more and more involved with our day to day activities and roles. Sadly, the rise in technology has also
HR Consultant
Following on from our last blog, this blog will discuss ‘protected characteristics’ in more detail. Protected characteristics are vital to a HR consultant and employers alike. These protected characteristics are there to protect both employees and also prospective employees from different types of discrimination. In this video, I discuss what
HR advice
When giving HR advice we will reassure our clients in saying that length of service only really matters when you are planning to dismiss a member of staff. If someone has been an employee in your company for two years or more they have the right to claim unfair dismissal.

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