What is mindfulness? Put simply, mindfulness is meditation. It’s an ancient Buddhist practice which is about paying attention in a particular way, in the present moment, on purpose and non-judgmentally. Now, before you think that all sounds a bit ‘woo woo’, let me explain more. Mindfulness is not a religion
Employee Induction
Why induction is important In the induction you need to talk about the culture and values and how it underpins everything you do. From the very first day you must start to embed those values with employees. What happens in the business, what their role includes, what the culture is
company culture - Jacqui Mann
How does culture impact your business The majority of business owners or leaders fail to understand how culture drives the performance of the business. Culture is reflected in many ways. This is just some of the ways culture impacts your business. shared values of the business behaviours that support the
Employee Problems - Jacqui Mann
The 3 Main Employee Problems I’ve worked with hundreds of business owners during my years in HR and the majority of the businesses have what I call ‘People Disease’. I wanted to identify the main problems they were having with their people and find a cure for this disease. I
Absence - Jacqui Mann
Employee Absence Managing absence is one of the biggest staff issues that employers are faced with.  It can cause so much disruption to the business when a member of staff phones in sick. It’s therefore important to ensure it’s well managed and all employees are treated fairly. Many cases of

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