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When giving HR advice we will reassure our clients in saying that length of service only really matters when you are planning to dismiss a member of staff. If someone has been an employee in your company for two years or more they have the right to claim unfair dismissal.
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Family bereavement in the workplace is a tricky and delicate matter for obvious reasons. Surprisingly, there is no law in the UK which states we have the right to have time off when a loved one passes away. So that is where we, as a HR consultant firm step in. We
Hr advice
Employee sickness, it happens all of the time. Sometimes it’s for a day or two and sometimes it can be a lot longer. A very important element of what we do and how we give HR advice is going through the correct procedure to follow when someone is off sick.
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To follow on from our last blog, this blog will continue to discuss company values but most of all, how to communicate those values. It can be hard to stick to company values within a business and this struggle more often than not comes from lack of communication. As we
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HR Advice – Values within a company are becoming more and more important. They help to compose the rules and boundaries within your business. They help tell employees, clients and the public what you truly believe in and how you work. Company values not only tell people what you believe

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