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Rolls Royce are making changes. Are you?

Nov 13, 2023
An image of a Rolls-Royce car

Rolls-Royce is a brand name synonymous with luxury.

But despite being a perceived premium brand, the British institution has flirted with extinction a little too often in the last few years, hence the decision to bring in new chief executive Tufan Erginbilgic.

He’s not let the grass grow under his feet, recently cutting 2,500 jobs to try and make the business ‘fit for the future’.

Of particular interest to Erginbilgic are three departments – finance, HR and procurement; all three have historically had plenty of freedom to manage their own budgets, resulting in job duplication, and increased cost.

The hope is that slimming down those departments will reduce autonomy, and bring more all under one roof, helping him to target the other big aim in his sights:

Sorting out the culture.

Those on the inside describe a culture that’s slow, and not especially dynamic, and what Erginbilgic recognises is that to not just survive but thrive in 2023 and beyond, it’s not enough to say, “We’re Rolls Royce, we’ll be fine”.

Why are we telling you about Rolls-Royce? Simple: it’s an example of a business bringing someone new in, who’s able to look critically at it, bring new perspectives, and help the business to make the decisions that’ll pave the way for its continued existence.

When was the last time you looked critically at your business? Thought about how efficient you are? Whether the culture is dynamic, or slow?

If it’s not been for many years, we're willing to bet there are areas that could be improved, but you need to take a step out of the day-to-day to identify them, and then make a plan to improve them.

If you need any help on that front, you know where we are.

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