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Can you dismiss part-time employees?

Jan 08, 2024
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A client uttered a Moses-like cry the other day:

“Let my people go!”

The main difference?  Our client wanted to let all five of his part time employees go.

The business had grown up on part-time staff, and it had reached a level where they only wanted to employ full timers.

So they wanted to know how they could dismiss everyone.

An understandable perspective, but one fraught with issues from an employment law perspective.

Part-time employees are protected.

You can’t just dismiss them, and because they’re mostly entitled to the same rights as full-time staff, you risk creating a serious headache for yourself when you treat them less favourably.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, the key thing is not to act hastily –

  • get some proper advice
  • understand what your options are
  • only move forward when you know you’re on a firm foundation

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