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Santa was over the moon.   Everything was back on track with only 9 sleeps to go.  He knew that all the little children (and big ones) would get their presents on time. He wanted to tell all his friends about the special gift. All the elves were working hard.  Jingle and Tinsel were very sorry for taking time off work and were now busy wrapping presents. Santa wanted to say a big thank you

The Christmas Fairy explained to Santa what he needed to do with the naughty elves.  First of all he would need to send them a letter asking them to attend a meeting with him.  The Christmas Fairy told Santa where he could find the exact letter he needed in the HR Hub. Santa checked out the HR Hub and couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw all the great things inside. This was going to

Santa was so stressed now, the naughty elves had still not turned up for work, and he’d heard a rumour that they were in downtown Lapland doing their Christmas shopping! Should he phone the Christmas Fairy? He decided he would. Santa picked up the phone and called the Christmas Fairy (aka Janine).  The Christmas Fairy asked Santa to tell her what the problem was.  He explained that two of the elves were being really naughty

Mrs Claus had being chatting with Dasher, one of Santa’s reindeers. She told him how stressed Santa was and how he was so worried the children would not get their presents. Both of them decided to ask their friends to see if they knew anyone who could help Santa deal with these naughty elves. Can they destress Santa? Mrs Claus was now feeling very happy as she

With only 13 sleeps to go until the big night Santa is very, very busy and there is still so much to do. 1000’s of presents to wrap, 100’s of toys still to make, children’s letters still to read and to make matters worse it would seem that Tinsel and Jingle have not turned up to the workshop today. Now where are those two naughty elves? The elves had their ‘Elf Christmas party’ last night.