Learn more about our flagship offering, Transform Your Workplace

Learn more about our flagship offering, Transform Your Workplace

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Transform Your Workplace – ‘Culture & HR’ Support To Help Your Business Grow, Flourish and Scale.

At J Mann Associates, we do two things very well:

1. Help you instil the right culture in your business
2. Help you to get (and stay) legal and compliant when it comes to your people management

Our flagship offering, Transform Your Workplace, kills two birds with one stone, offering you a comprehensive HR solution, as well as our acclaimed culture programme, ensuring that wherever your business is, and wherever you want it to be, you get the bespoke support you need.

What you get with Transform Your Workplace:


½ Day Kick-off Strategy Session

As a Transform Your Workplace member, you’ll kick off with a ½ day Strategy Session with our founder and culture expert Jacqui Mann.

During the session, we’ll take time to understand exactly where you are now, and where you’d like to be, putting in place a bespoke plan of action for what needs to happen to truly transform your workplace.

Taking place at your workplace, this foundational session will help you get kicked off in the right way and ensure you actually take action on the things you’ll discover as a Transform Your Workplace member.


Employee Engagement Review

It’s all very well doing what you can to transform your workplace, but it’s vital to understand how engaged your employees are, what they like (and don’t like) about working in your organisation, and what motivates them to perform at their optimum level.

We’ll take care of finding out all of that information, offering employees anonymous opportunities to explain what the organisation is like to work for, and giving us crucial data to be able to make progress.


Quarterly 1:1 Review

Each quarter, we’ll carve out some time to sit down and go through our agreed list of actions to ensure that you continue to make progress.

At the end of each quarterly session, we’ll agree your list of actions for the next quarter, and we’ll hold you accountable and do all we can to ensure that anything that’s on your list gets ticked off.


Recruit, Inspire, Retain Programme

Recruit, Inspire Retain is an online, bitesize training programme designed to help you bring the right people into your business, inspire them to do their best work for you, and retain them in your organisation for years to come.

This can be accessed anywhere you have an internet connection, and will help you start creating a culture that your staff and customers love to be a part of.

Comprising of 6 video modules, the programme has three key aims:

  • Make your purpose a key part of your business, ensuring that it’s present in everything you do and that your staff are on board with it.
  • Improve the leadership of your organisation, equipping your leaders with the skills and tools they need to lead in a way that gets the best out of your employees.
  • Get your employees more engaged, so they enjoy coming to work, and put in work that both you and they can be proud of.

This programme retails by itself for £1,295, but as a key part of Transform Your Workplace, you’ll get unlimited lifetime access to it for no extra cost.


People Check Up

You can build the fanciest house in the world, but without the right foundations, it’s going to fall down.

And if you’ve got lofty ambitions for your organisations, you need to know your foundations are rock solid.

As part of Transform Your Workplace, our team will do a full audit on where you’re currently at, finding any weaknesses in your current setup – from contracts to policies and procedures - and eliminating them.


Monthly Accountability Call

Each month, our founder Jacqui runs an accountability Coaching Call with Transform Your Workplace clients.

This gives you a chance to get any questions answered.

In short, Transform Your Workplace gives you EVERYTHING you need from a workplace culture perspective;  to truly shape and guide your organisation, and ensure you achieve the culture you want over the next few years.

Your Next Steps

Transform Your Workplace membership starts at just £1,250 + VAT a month and is application only.

To find out whether Transform Your Workplace is the right level for you, apply now, book a call or contact us on 01980 622167.

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