HR Culture – A lot of dysfunction!


how to create a great place to work

HR Culture – A lot of dysfunction!


Over my years in business, I’ve seen A LOT of dysfunctional and toxic workplaces.

And believe you me, they are not pleasant to be in, nor do they cultivate success.

By and large, there are three ways to tell whether a workplace is right or not:

  1. Absence problems
  2. High staff turnover
  3. Lack of employee passion

If you suffer from any of these problems in your workplace, then I strongly recommend you watch my latest video, where I share both the root cause and solution to all three.


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  • Amanda George

    12th November 2019 1:45 pm ·

    January meeting in London please may we have more info thank you

  • Adam Russell

    14th November 2019 10:14 am ·

    Good morning,

    I would be really interested in your London workshop.

    Please could you let me have further details.



    • Jacqui Mann

      14th November 2019 4:00 pm ·

      Hi Adam

      Thanks for your interest.

      I have sent you an email with some of the details.

      Best wishes

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