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Discover 12 Ways To Create The Right Workplace Facilities


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Discover 12 Ways To Create The Right Workplace Facilities


You need to provide the right workplace facilities for everyone in your workplace, this includes people with disabilities. It doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming.

Here is some advice and most of it may seem like common sense but lots of employers don’t get the basics right.

  1. Your workplace should be properly maintained, that is everything works as it was designed to work, no sticky tape holding switches on.
  2. It is regularly cleaned and all waste is disposed of correctly and not allowed to build up.
  3. Carpets, floors and traffic routes are free from obstruction’s and trip hazards. There is suitable lighting for the work being carried out, don’t forget emergency lighting if the lights go out.
  4. To have a healthy working environment, make sure there is good ventilation, a supply of fresh, clean air from outside or a ventilation system.
  5. Maintain a reasonable working temperature usually at least 16 ºC, or 13 ºC for strenuous work.
  6. All equipment supplied for your employees to carry out their job is safe and serviced regularly. Any moving parts that could injure are guarded, along with safety switches to turn the equipment off if the guard is removed or tampered with.
  7. You must provide sufficient toilets for male, female and disabled members of staff with hand washing facilities and a plentiful supply of hot and cold running water, soap and towels or hand dryers, sanitary disposal should be made available within female toilets.

You shouldn’t have to queue for the loo for long periods according to HSE

The law says that workers should not have to queue for long periods to use toilets and washing facilities. Below is the HSE minimum toilet numbers per employees.

  1. For men only, there should be 1 toilet and 1 urinal for 1-15 employees. This rises to 2 toilets and 1 urinal for 16-30 staff.
  2. For women only or for mixed use, there should be 1 toilet and washbasin for 1-5 employees. The number of toilets and washbasins then rises according to the total staff. For example, 25-50 staff should have 3 toilets and 3 washbasins between them.

Not a drop to drink

  1. You are also required to provide an adequate supply of drinking water along with facilities for somewhere to rest and eat meals and obtain a hot drink during break periods.

Somewhere to change

  1. If you provide special work clothing a place to store personal clothing and somewhere to change into work clothes.
  2. If personal protective clothing is required it should be provided free of charge.


None of these things are rocket science. You would however be amazed at some conditions people are expected to work in.  Make sure you look after your staff in the workplace. Remember the environment is a huge contributor in creating a great place to work.


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