Choosing the right HR consultancy for you?


HR Consultancy

Choosing the right HR consultancy for you?


Are you a small company in need of some HR consultancy or guidance? Perhaps you need to make some employees redundant? Or there are problems with bullying in the workplace?

There are many companies out there offering HR consultancy services, but it’s very important to do your research and choose the right company for you. Below are just some of the key elements you need to check up on.


You need to make sure the company you decide to go with is fully compliant. Here at J Mann Associates we will always be honest with you giving you practical HR solution, ensuring we are able to keep you safe, legal and protected.

On-going support

We offer monthly HR support. Meaning that no matter what people issues arise you have an expert team on-hand ready to help, giving you peace of mind. If you don’t have an in-house HR team, you should consider choosing a HR consultancy that offers monthly support.

HR check-up

Employment and business laws are changing all of the time. That’s why it’s so important to ensure that you get your HR documents reviewed regularly to make sure they are still legally compliant and still serve the purpose you need them to. When choosing the right HR consultancy for you, you need to make sure that you choose a company who can offer these check-ups for you. At J Mann Associates we will happily review your documents and provide you with a report afterwards that will outline any areas where action is required. We can then help you implement any changes.

Do you think we could be the right HR consultancy for you? Get in touch today. We can work with you to ensure you’re dealing with people problems within the workplace in a practical and cost-effective manner. Call us on 01980 622167 or email us at


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