HR Culture – Broken business?


Make no mistake, the world of work is changing faster than we can even comprehend.

With machines taking over jobs left, right and centre, and very, very different new generation coming through education and into the world of work, it’s fair to say that the employment landscape of 2025 will be entirely unrecognisable to the landscape of 2005, or even 2015.

And the businesses that don’t ride the wave of these changes almost certainly won’t survive.

And the other week, I was at an event, talking to some professional services business owners, and what became clear is that very few of them had given any conscious thought about how they were going to counteract the changing landscape.

I decided to put together a quick video highlighting exactly what’s changing, what the repercussions are, and what you can do about it.


HR Culture – Mistakes on a train


I’m not an eavesdropper by nature.

But the other day, when I was on my way home on the train, I couldn’t help but lean in closer to listen to a conversation between two business owners.

They were shooting the breeze, talking about their businesses, when they got onto the topic of HR.

And that’s when it became clear that one of them was making a huge, common mistake.



HR Culture – Off to the worst possible start


As you know, I work with clients to help them create strong, vibrant cultures that result in workplaces that people love to work in, and companies that people love to buy from.

A lot of business owners are becoming more switched on to the importance of culture, but in truth, they only usually take it seriously when everything’s already gone wrong.

When employees are already indoctrinated into the wrong way of doing things.

When the toxicity has been allowed to take over.

And that’s why today I’m sharing with you my strategy for guiding employees into the right culture, from day one:


how to create a great place to work

HR Culture – A lot of dysfunction!


Over my years in business, I’ve seen A LOT of dysfunctional and toxic workplaces.

And believe you me, they are not pleasant to be in, nor do they cultivate success.

By and large, there are three ways to tell whether a workplace is right or not:

  1. Absence problems
  2. High staff turnover
  3. Lack of employee passion

If you suffer from any of these problems in your workplace, then I strongly recommend you watch my latest video, where I share both the root cause and solution to all three.


HR Consultant – How do I sack someone?


Sacking a member of staff is never pleasant and it can often be a long and drawn-out process.

There are a lot of rights and wrongs during the process which is why you need to make sure you’re covered. Hiring a HR Consultant like us here at JM Associates means that we can make you aware of the process, give you options and advise you on the best course of actions to take.

In the video below we discuss some of the fundamentals, you will need to think about when it comes to dismissing a member of staff. We outline some of the rights your employee will have. For example, if your employee has served less than two years in your company, they will have fewer rights than an employee who has served over 2 years.

As with any company, your biggest concern when it comes to sacking or dismissing an employee will be any tribunal claim, particularly any unfair dismissal claims. We advise you on the best course of action which is always dependent on 2 factors; the first would be the length of service of the employee, and the second factor is whether or not the employee has any protected characteristics.

But we won’t only help you make the right choices, we will give you options so that you can achieve the best possible outcome for both parties involved.

Do you need to hire a HR consultant who you can trust to help you through sacking a member of staff? Get in touch today.