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HR Advice – How To Recruit, Inspire And Retain The Right People


I have been giving HR advice for many years and time and time again the same frustrations bubble to the surface.

One of the main frustrations I come across is business owners struggling to recruit the right people. If you’re struggling to meet your business goals it may be because you’re not recruiting the right people. This means you could be suffering from something I like to call ‘People Disease’. People disease can be things like absence problems, high staff turnover, performance issues and lack of passion.

In this video, I explain how you can cure people disease and recruit, inspire and retain the right people.


During my many years working in HR, I can tell you that if you’re suffering from people’s disease, don’t panic, so are many other business owners. In order to get to the bottom of peoples disease, I conducted a survey asking business owners what people problems they were facing in their business. My survey identified three core problems.

Problem number one, struggling to employ the right people. Now, recruitment is very costly and it often takes up a lot of time. Which means that sometimes when you’re in desperate need for someone, you recruit anyone which can later result in employee dismissal, time and costs. So definitely recruit against your values and wait for the right person, it will be worth it in the long run.

Problem number two, employees not doing things the way the business owner would like them done. As a business owner, this can be really frustrating when you’re having to spend your time putting things right. The best advice I can give to you is to communicate, tell your employee what you want from them and set up formal procedures for everyone to follow.

Finally, problem number three, employees not having the same amount of passion as their business owners. In order to grow you need a team of passionate people who fit into all of your values and are really motivated, people who will go the extra mile without being asked.

The good news to all of this is that there is a cure to people disease and it’s called culture.  If you need HR advice and would like to find out more about workplace culture and recruiting, inspiring and retaining the right people, get in touch today.


HR Consultancy

HR Consultancy – The importance of a great induction


I was recently at an event giving a talk on HR consultancy and culture and we got onto the topic of inductions.

Inductions are very important when taking on new employees. Unfortunately, inductions are not something that is usually given much thought to. An induction would typically just include a quick tour of the office, quick introductions and some fire safety points. As a HR Consultancy firm, we urge you to do things a bit differently here. In this video, I explain what you can do differently during your inductions and why they are so important.

Employees at JMann Associates get a four-week induction, and during those four weeks, they are given a timetable. This timetable highlights all of the processes and all of the things that they will learn to help them with their job during that period.

However, one of the key things we do, where the majority of business owners do not is talk about values. We talk about values from day one and we talk about how those values fit into the business. We also talk about the behaviours we expect to see with those values, and we talk about these every single day from the beginning of our employee’s induction linking everything back to those company values.

Our company values are our key meaning our inductions are key to your people foundations. With a good induction, you are able to show and tell your new employees what your business is about and how they can fit into your culture. Our advice would be to create a robust process, set out a timetable, ensure the employee knows exactly what their induction is going to cover. Make sure your values are heavily included as opposed to your usual walk and tour of the office.

If you would like to know more about recruiting, inspiring and retaining your employees. Get in touch today.



HR Culture Fit – Merging and Acquisitions


Are you looking to grow your business? Great! An effective way you can achieve this is by merging businesses or acquiring another. However, there are a few key points you will need to consider from a HR point of view.

One of the main factors to consider is culture. If you’re looking to grow by acquiring another business you need to ensure there is a good culture fit. Unfortunately, this is something that is not considered enough or at all by business owners.

It’s important to have a good culture fit to ensure that once you have merged your businesses are able to not only continue but to flourish and grow. There are unfortunately far too many statistics out there which show just how many businesses fail once they have merged. This can be up to 80% of failures lasting up to only 5 years.

In this video, I explain why it’s so important we focus on the people side when merging businesses and why you need to be looking at including culture in your due diligence.

Firstly, you need to look at what the values are of the company you have acquired or merged with and see if that matches up with your current business’ values. Consider things like, how does that business make decisions? What are their core beliefs and aims? How do they reward and treat people? All of these things will have a massive impact on how your business is going to continue in the future.

It’s the small things like this that are really worth considering, as they can often cause problems further down the road. So my advice, if you’re really looking to merge or acquire another business you must look at the culture and make that a top priority.

If you would like some more HR advice on how you can grow your business and make it last get in touch today.


HR Support

HR Support – Is your business model broken?


The working world is always changing, mostly for the good, however, it can sometimes feel as if our industries are moving faster than we can keep up with.

Technology is becoming more and more involved with our day to day activities and roles. Sadly, the rise in technology has also been at the hands of some of our jobs. We have a brand new generation finishing education and entering the world of work who are and will work very differently to the existing workplace generations.

I think it’s fair to say that the employment landscape in 2025 will be completely different in comparison to 2005 or even 2015. However, the key point I must make and I cannot stress this enough is to ride the wave. More often than not, the business’ who are left behind and not embracing the changes almost certainly won’t survive.

So, I’ve put together this video to give you some HR support. Below I highlight exactly what is changing within the working world, what the repercussions are and what we can do about it.

As an example, it’s become very apparent that the traditional working model is becoming outdated. Where someone would start at a workplace and stay on there until they become a partner or so on is likely to soon be a thing of the past. This is because the new working generation doesn’t want that, they want to come into a company, learn, grow, develop and then move on.

This is why business’ must review their workplace culture and model in order to survive in the ever-changing climate. Business owners who choose to ignore these changes will likely fail to make it in the future.

Do you think you need to review your workplace culture and model? You could benefit from our HR support to stay in touch with the ever-changing working world. Simply get in touch today.


HR adviser

HR Adviser – How do you communicate values?


To follow on from our last blog, this blog will continue to discuss company values but most of all, how to communicate those values.

It can be hard to stick to company values within a business and this struggle more often than not comes from lack of communication. As we already know, values are very important as they form the basis of your company culture. So, it is important that you are always communicating them and involving them in everything your company does.

Take a look at the video below where I, as an HR adviser, describe in more detail how you can better communicate your company values.

There are some key areas in which you can instantly improve the communication of your company values. All you need to do is ask yourself the following questions.

  • Are your values clearly displayed on your website?
  • Do you recruit against your values?
  • Are you cross-referencing values when you are performance managing people?
  • Do you have a theme for your values?

However, the most important thing company values need in order to improve communication is a leader. As a business owner, you need to be living those values and constantly talking about them.

If you think you could benefit from an HR adviser on how to communicate your company values or any other people issues for that matter. Maybe you’ve got a question about a staff issue? Get in touch today and together we can help you stay safe, legal and compliant.