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The team often get asked… ‘How can I make an employee stay with me after they finish their training?’ The short answer: Unfortunately you can’t. I understand how frustrating it is, if you’ve spent a lot of time and money on training someone up, then at the end of that training, they decide they want to leave. But, they do have a contract of employment with you, hopefully, and in that contract of employment it will
We’re often asked “Do  I have to actually issue an employment contract to a member of staff before they start work?” Well, the answer is no, you don’t have to… You legally have to make sure that they have within eight weeks of them starting work, but its not great if you do it that way. What we always recommend is that you make sure that you issue a contract and offer letter to someone
8 Steps to effective leadership
As you are aware, Leadership & Management plays a huge role in the delivery of the business goals however, not everyone understands some of the basics of good leadership. Here, I share with you 8 steps to effective leadership. 1. Purpose A good purpose will explain the direction the business is going in, motivate employees to take the right action to achieve it, and coordinate the actions of all employees to achieve the same goal. Read
Today I’m going to be answering another one of your questions. And the question we’ve got today is “Do I have to pay an employee who books a doctor’s appointment during working time?” The answer to that is “No you don’t have to.” There’s no legal requirement to pay employees when they are going to see a doctor. You could ask employees to try to make doctor’s appointments at the beginning of the working day or
Can I refuse employee holiday requests
Hi I’m Jacqui Mann from J Mann Associates answering another one of your questions. The question today is, ‘Can I refuse an employee’s holiday request?‘ …and the answer to that is yes you can, but… It’s going to depend on what the reason is as to why you’re refusing that request: It could be that they aren’t giving you enough notice of a holiday. So how much notice do they need to give you? It