Jacqui Mann
Why Your Business Needs HR Processes, Systems, and Rules Many companies skirt over these essential processes and suffer as a result. You see, things such as your employment contracts, employee handbook, sickness and absence procedures, rules for taking holiday, grievance procedures etc. create the rules of the workplace. If you’re a
Constructive dismissal - Jacqui Mann
Recently we have had an employer contact us for HR support to find out if an employee can make a claim for constructive dismissal. So what is constructive dismissal? Different from ‘wrongful dismissal’, ‘constructive dismissal’ is where an employee terminates their employment in response to their employer’s treatment of them.
Jacqui Mann. Employee investigation
The first thing to do when performing an Employee Investigation When an incident occurs in your business, sometimes it’s difficult to know if any disciplinary action is required. The first thing you need to do is carry out an investigation to establish the facts of what happened. Any investigation should
Why is employee engagement important? Engaging with your employees is one of the secrets to running a successful business. Your staff are your best asset, you have to make sure you take care of them. Here are four simple ideas on how to engage and motivate your staff in your
The team often get asked… ‘How can I make an employee stay with me after they finish their training?’ The short answer: Unfortunately you can’t. I understand how frustrating it is, if you’ve spent a lot of time and money on training someone up, then at the end of that training,

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